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Bed Bug Treatment Options in Arizona

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our professional 2-stage thermal heat + pesticide treatment is the most effective & recommended method to kill bed bugs. Our thermal treatment will kill 100% of the bed bugs and the eggs in 8 hours!

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Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment can also be effective when applied correctly with the right proven products. Even the best pesticides will not reliably kill bed bug eggs and requires more patience as all chemical treatments take time to infect and kill off the infected bugs and newly hatched bed bug nymphs. Most of our chemical treatments are effective with one treatment, although you may still have some bed bug activity for 30-60 days.

Stop! Don’t make the problem worse.

DON’T APPLY CHEMICALS Chemical sprays, foggers and dusts that you find at places like the big orange or blue home improvement store will not work even though they say ‘Bed Bugs’ in big bold letters. These chemicals will kill some of the bugs but it is very unlikely to kill all of them. You will get a false sense that you have won the battle only to have bed bugs show up within a couple weeks or months. During this time that you think you have won, you will have actually been an unsuspecting carrier of bed bugs to your family’s and friends’ house, work, church, etc. Worse yet is that these chemicals act as a repellant and will cause the bed bugs to spread further around your home or facility. Don’t be fooled – chemicals don’t kill eggs either. In the vast majority of structures we treat we find empty bed bug foggers, chemical sprays and dangerous amounts of DE (diatomaceous earth).

DON’T DISCARD YOUR FURNITURE When performed correctly, bed bug heat treatment will effectively kill all stages of bed bugs on and in all of your furniture including your mattress, box springs, bed frame, couch, chairs, etc. Our heat process will heat the entire home including their common harborage areas inside walls and under carpet edges and tack strips. Carrying mattresses and other furniture out of a known infected area poses a high risk of bed bugs dropping or falling off the item in other areas of the structure. If you insist on discarding furniture (i.e. old mattress that you don’t want anyway), completely wrap the item using the large wide stretch wrap usually found in the moving section of your local hardware store or inside air-tight plastic bags. Be careful, plastic mattress bags have small holes and bed bugs will crawl out.

DON’T WORRY. It’s not too late. Most of our customers have already made the mistakes of trying to self-treat with foggers, sprays and DE. They have pushed their mattress down the hallway and contemplated burning the house down. Call now. Let us help you get passed the nightmare today.

Let our bed bug experts conduct a free inspection to determine if you have bed bugs and explain your treatment options. Contact us to see if you qualify.

We also offer canine inspections using trained and experienced dogs. K9 bed bug inspections are especially useful to detect bed bugs and more importantly to provide an ‘all-clear’ of bed bugs for apartment and hotel managers, facility managers, employers and customers. Protect your reputation and profits by utilizing K9 inspections both pro-actively and reactively according to your business needs.

24 Month Bed Bug Warranty

Peace of Mind.

We’ve got your back! We are so confident in our expertise, equipment and tactics we provide an industry leading TWO-YEAR WARRANTY with heat treatment of your entire single family home and up to a 6-month warranty with chemical treatment. Contact us for more information about our warranty. Our ‘No excuses’ policy is that we cover you no matter what! If bed bugs reappear in your home for any reason during the warranty period, call us. Your happiness isn’t our goal, it’s our guarantee.

Financing Available.

We are one of the few companies that offer an affordable payment plan so you can take care of the bed bugs the right way, today. If you have a full-time job and a checking account with no negative activity for at least 90 days, you are eligible to apply. With 25% down, our payment program allows you to spread the remaining balance over 3 – 12 months at a rate of 9% – 15%. Apply online now and get an answer within minutes.

Xtermin treated my home for bed bugs. They were prompt, polite, professional and thorough. Not only did they help me understand what needed to be done and why, they helped me deal with the stress of the situation. Excellent Experience!
Tonya K., Better Business Bureau
I just had an excellent experience with this company. My son found a couple of small insects in his room. A friend told me to check it out because it may be a bed bug! I was completely freaked out and…
Lauren R., Yelp
I was calling around different companies for my bed bugs just to get quotes, and [XTERMIN] was the only one who followed up with me. [They were] really honest when he inspected other rooms for bed bugs and couldn’t find any. We even left him home alone during the service. He did a great job and we are now bug-free.
Devin B., Google Review
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